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Coaching for New Practitioners

Are you a new practitioner looking for help starting your practice? If yes, Inselman Coaching has all the tools you need to build a profitable and sustainable practice.

We have helped hundreds of new practitioners, just like you get started. We understand the complexities and skill-sets that a new practitioner must possess in order to succeed. Most practitioners have a very limited beginning bankroll; this is why we teach proven methods to maximize your dollar without compromising the quality of the things you need.

New practitioner mistakes and not having enough capital are the two cardinal mistakes that hurt the new practitioner.

Limiting mistakes and deploying the correct start-up strategy will help you meet these objectives:

  • Choosing the perfect location
  • Negotiating the perfect lease
  • Creating your support team
  • Setting up the proper legal entity
  • Creating practice procedures that were created in this economy and run like a Swiss watch
  • Creating the perfect office flow
  • Finding and maintaining the necessary start-up funds
  • How to run a business
  • How to become organized
  • How to properly set marketing budgets
  • How to set up strategic marketing campaigns

What we do

To combat the challenges of starting your new practice Inselman Coaching has created custom coaching programs with affordable fee structures for the new practitioner. Let us "Hold your hand" and take you step by step through the entire process of deciding where to practice, choosing a location, assembling your team, buying or leasing equipment, designing your office to actually opening your doors in a safe, cost-effective, empowering process. We will show you how not to make mistakes and how to protect your precious bankroll. We have helped hundreds of practitioners just like you and we can help you too.

Here is what a new practitioner had to say:

"Paul, Thank you for all of your help. Here are my first year stats. NP's: 208; Services Rendered: $436,800; Collections: $397,488. All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU! I could never have begun my practice without your expert guidance. PS: I paid an additional $20K towards my student loan!!"

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