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The key to meeting goals and growing a practice is for the practitioner to do the things that they say they will do. This is where accountability makes the difference between those that achieve, and those that wished that they achieved. The key to success in any endeavor is to first draw a plan, complete with action steps, and accountability measures to insure that the action steps are completed.

At Inselman Coaching we have created proven methods to help you become, and stay accountable, in all aspects of your practice. We will work closely with you to adapt these methods to fit your needs.

The key benefits to accountability:

  • Create and achieve meaningful goals
  • Create updated office procedures
  • Create better employee training systems
  • Create an ongoing strategic-based marketing calendar
  • Create financial freedom
  • Create happiness
  • Have more fun in practice
  • Obtain and maintain more quality new patients
  • Discover your purpose
  • Create more meaning in your life
  • And more...

How we hold you accountable

At Inselman Coaching we perform comprehensive interviews in order to pinpoint and isolate the negative patterns that you are running. Once the client has an awareness of those negative patterns, we are then able to teach you how to re-program the negative patterns to either neutralize them or to turn them into positive patterns. This ultimately returns control, hope, and anticipation to you and allows you to move past your comfort zone and create breakthroughs in your life and practice. In 2014 new accountability methods were introduced that allowed our clients to enjoy even faster growth of their income.

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