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Staff Training

Do you find yourself frustrated with you staff? Are you having a hard time getting your message or philosophy across? Have you given up on an otherwise good employee?

Having the right staff can be the difference between a fun and profitable office versus a stress-producing, dysfunctional office. Inselman Coaching works with professional practices of all sizes and any length of experience to better train their staff, and find the right balance for your office.

The correct staff will help your practice meet 3 important objectives:

  • Allow you to delegate tasks
  • Create more referrals
  • Allow you to have more free time

Expectation management and training are the hallmarks of a great staff

Expectation management coupled with specific and thorough training will allow the practitioner to create a staff that will promote a happy, profitable, and harmonious office setting. Imagine if your staff was organized, proactive, self-starting, and loved to come to your office every day. How much better and easier would your day be?

What we do

At Inselmancoaching, we teach our clients how to attract, train and motivate their staff to obtain maximum efficiency and profitability. We work by phone, and webinar, so your staff does not have to travel.

What Your Staff Will Learn:

  1. Educate about your specific health discipline
  2. Telephone Procedures-scripting
  3. New patient telephone procedures
  4. Established patient canceling and rescheduling telephone procedures
  5. Established patient canceling and not rescheduling telephone procedures
  6. Established patient with clinical question telephone procedures
  7. Established patient with billing question telephone procedures
  8. Insurance company telephone procedures
  9. Doctor/Attorney telephone procedures
  10. Government agency telephone procedures
  11. Personal calls for the doctor telephone procedures
  12. Office Flow
  13. Organization
  14. New patient forms
  15. Insurance forms
  16. Scheduling
  17. Recalls
  18. Collection of fees
  19. Personality typing
  20. Communication skills
  21. Filing
  22. Office Duties
  23. Filing
  24. Referrals and up sells
  25. How to handle Objections
  26. Expectation Management
  27. PVA skill-building
  28. Insurance coding
  29. Networking Opportunities
  30. How to stimulate referrals to the office

To learn more about our Staff Training Service, call: 888-201-0567

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