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Please take the time to read a few testimonials. These testimonials are taken from letters I have received from actual satisfied clients, and are shared with full approval and permission from all individuals.

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Paul in a coaching capacity for a company we were both involved with several years ago. I watched Paul's skills grow consistently as he became one of the finest coaches in our industry. I have since had the pleasure of Paul's friendship, guidance, and coaching skills in my life consistently as we continue to work in the same field. I have so much confidence in Paul's abilities and skills that I refer family and friends to him... that says a lot!"
Dr. Janice Hughes
2inspire LLC

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"I want to thank you for your time and expertise. I started working with you in August, 2006 and since then GREAT things have been happening. August Collections up 10%. September collections up 15%. I feel like I have control of my life instead of my life having control over me!!!"
Milwaukee, WI

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"Dr. Inselman, as you know I was going to leave the Chiropractic Profession. You took the time, really cared and helped me set meaningful goals. I am happy to report that in 15 months I have increased my Chiropractic Practice 108%!!! Thank you for showing me the way YOU ARE THE BEST!"
Dr. Pete
St. Louis, MO

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Dear Paul:
I have to admit that I was the worlds biggest skeptic. I have been in practice for 28 years. I have been to every practice building guru out there. I actually started way back when with Dr. Jim Parker, the father of Chiropractic coaches. I don't know what happened, but in 2002 I lost my way. I mean I really lost my way. I went from seeing 450 office visits per week down to 120 office visits per week. I decided that I needed help so I began coaching with another coaching company. The garbage that they told me was just that...GARBAGE. I left them by breaking my contract and paying $1200.00 extra just to be rid of them and started on my path again. Still not able to get my practice going, I hired another coaching company. This company was good until they got too big and forgot about me. In disgust, I left them and vowed I would never ever engage with another Chiropractic management company again.

That was until my very good friend begged me to call you. He said that he had been working with you for about six months and his practice did a 180 degree turn-around. He knew I was struggling and he even offered to pay for my first month of coaching with you. I fought him tooth and nail, until he literally twisted my arm and made me call you. I liked that you told me straight up what you can do; what you couldn't do; and what you WOULDN'T DO. No coaching company ever took me through an interview where they actually listened to me. I was impressed that you created a custom-program just for me. I was even more impressed when I had a crisis and I called you on a Sunday Morning at 9:00am to leave a message for you to call me Monday Morning. I was shocked when you answered the phone, took my call, and talked me through even though you had gotten home at 4:00am after being delayed on a flight. I will never forget how caring and concerned you were.

One year later after coaching with you, I am proud to say that my practice is seeing 600 office visits per week. My collections are up over 60% and for the first time in 28 years I am running and enjoying a stress-free practice. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to find my way.

Warmest regards and appreciation
Dr. William H.
San Jose, CA

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Dear Colleagues:
I am writing this letter to tell you of my experience as a coaching client of Dr. Paul Inselman. I have been working with Dr. Inselman for several years now. Paul has a great deal of real life experience in a number of areas that provides him with the insight that really helps me navigate less traveled waters.

As a chiropractor and weight loss coach, the accountability factor that Paul's presence in my life provides me with, keeps me much more focused than I would otherwise be. Paul understands that success and goals are different for everyone and individual values determine those goals. He can work with and help anyone. I have recommended him to dozens of friends, colleagues, even strangers.

Paul has been my coach through times when I really needed a life coach and guide more than a professional coach. The birth of my daughter, the death of both of my parents and other ups and downs have challenged me. No longer having "live" parental guidance can be challenging emotionally, professionally and personally. I know I can rely on Paul for that guidance 24/7 if needed. He has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to availability, dependability and reliability as well as consistently great advice and direction.

My success comes from me but "me" is an evolutionary process that Paul has been instrumental in. I continue to work with him because there is more to be done. He continues to help me move forward and forward is important. Most people looking in to hiring a coach have heard that the majority of the world's most successful people have coaches. If you have any doubt that Paul can help you, call me. My direct line is (207) 807-1119 or email drj@drloujacobs.com.

With gratitude and highest regards,

Lou Jacobs, D.C.

Portland, Maine


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I have been coaching with Dr. Inselman for 2 1/2 years. During this time he has helped me realize what I want my practice to look like, and has helped me determine that we all have different goals and agendas. He does not expect everyone to have the same cookie cutter practice with the same goals, office hours or patient numbers.
We talk about what I want to achieve, and he helps to develop the action steps and accountability to make it happen. I look forward to my weekly phone call with Paul knowing I will feel inspired and ready to conquer the week.He is very accessible, days, nights, or weekends. I am able to get a hold of him and he is always able to offer some inspiring words and help me see the silver lining.
Thank You Dr. Inselman
Traci Collier, DC

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Hi Paul,
I looked at our collections for yesterday and was speechless.. we collected well over our normal collections and I didn't think we were that busy.. evidently we were.... I credit that to your counsel on Tuesday. Thank you!!
Dr. LP

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Thank you Dr. Paul,
I'm really finding after 14 years that there really is a different more effective way to practice and run a business. I'm loving the added success. Thanks again for everything.
Dr. Scott Manchester, Jackson, MI

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Thank you Dr. Paul,
So here's how the day turned out; my receptionist called at 715 am and had a whiteout where she lives in the suburbs.. so couldn't come to work. My other receptionist is in Texas with her dad visiting his ailing brother, and my third receptionist was an hour northwest of the office, couldn't come, sooooo, I called a former employee and she walked accross the street and worked. We had some cancellations, no massages due to the therapist wimping out on her drive, but we STILL had 14 pts and collected a nice amount for a horrible weather day.. IN A SNOWSTORM with 4 plus inches!!! YIPPEEEE!! .
Happy Doctor in the cold and snowy midwest

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As seen on Inselmancoaching Facebook Fan page,
Dr. Inselman you are a true coach. I've worked with a number of consultants and they have been helpful. You are the first consultant who I consider a true coach. I cant thank you enough for....well too much to mention here but we both know. Thank you my friend.
Dr. Patrick

Hi Dr. Paul,
Here's my stat comparison for February 2014. - Services: Increased 45% for month, 49% ytd. - Income: Increased 106% for month, 109% ytd. - Pt visits: Increased 48% for month, 49% ytd. - New pts: Increased 13% for month, decreased 30% ytd. - PVA: Increased 45% for month, 49% ytd - Massage visits: Increased 39% for month, 55% ytd We just had our single busiest patient visit week this past week since we opened even with the continued snow and cold (LOL). .
Dr. Scott Manchester, Jackson, MS

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Hi Dr. Paul,
Here's my stat comparison for May 2014. - Services: Increased 17% for month, 32% ytd. - Income: Increased 29% for month, 51% ytd. - Pt visits: Increased 19% for month, 29% ytd. - New pts: Increased 83% for month, decreased 2% ytd. - PVA: Increased 35% for month, 32% ytd - Massage visits: Increased 21% for month Thank you for everything.

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Where do I begin? When I started coaching with you I was literally down to my last $5,000. When my wife heard that I was going to spend money on coaching with you she began to cry. She told me how irresponsible I was and how I had ruined her life. Tough words to hear from someone you love.

I asked her as you suggested to meet with you and just listen to your plan. I told her that you were not pushy, and that you were very different than the other coaches I had worked with in the past.

I don't know how (fate I guess), but she agreed to speak with you. You were so kind and caring. You kept telling us not to worry "things will turn around if you want them to". That echoed in my mind and somehow we both got the courage to push on. When we got off of the phone my wife had almost a glowing look. She looked at peace and she said to me "I know you will succeed!" You have my full support to start working with Paul.

I honestly never met anyone like you. For the first 2 weeks, we talked several times per day. Each call was uplifting but more importantly the calls gave me hope. Next you actually created a step by step plan with me. It was like follow the dots. Now 10 months later my practice is very solid again. In May we saw 25 patients per day on average (up from 5 per day) with some days hitting close to 40. We had 31 new patients in May which was more than I had ever seen in 12 years of practice. My bank account has $37,200 in it and we feel much more secure knowing WE ARE ON THE GROW AGAIN. Paul, Melissa and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Dr. William and Melissa

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Hi Paul:
I felt I should say thanks to you I now can say that I do not make those mistakes. I still need work on all, especially step one, but everything is SO MUCH better since we started coaching! I have been thinking today just how lucky I am. I am looking around at my life amazed and thankful at how great it is! It is nice to have self talk that says: I love this place, I love living here, I love my practice, I love my life, etc.

Thanks Paul


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Dr. Paul,
After only a couple meetings, I can already see big things on the horizon. As you know, I have worked with two other coaches in the past. You are the first one who works with me (on all levels including personality) rather than just telling me "this is how you need to do it". I appreciate your logical approach and your emotional intelligence in our interactions.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Dr. Paul:

I have a new name for you: "Coach Mom".  This name has been assigned to you affectionately because you truly care about your Clients/Patients.  Your mission to ad value to people's live spirit, soul and body - shows!!

Unlike many professional practitioners you truly care and demonstrate your concern by keeping in touch and checking in on those you serve not for monetary reasons but to show that those whom you touch really 'matter'.

Thanks as always for checking in on me.  I AM STILL HERE!!!

Remain "YOU"!!



From Dr. Inselman, this testimonial was written by this dear client and friend 3 weeks before he passed away. I am forever touched by his words and I am thankful for having the opportunity of working with him. R.I.P. John, may God always bless you and your family I miss you and I thank you for teaching me so much.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =


You have helped me in these areas: how to market a book, how to market myself to elite clientele’ and now how to start up a business from scratch with just the support of 1 new patient, how to use the radio to market and keep audience interested, I truly didn’t know what I was doing>>>I know I was giving and feeling empty, now I can at least put out my marketing machine and let the words “free book” with a visit to my web site>>>easily get the ball rolling>>>Plus much more unwritten here>>> because you not only have personal success to draw on>>> you also have and can project the aura of success, that’s because you own it>>>that’s the unspoken marketing that you cannot teach, however you can plant the seed and nurture (coach) it to maturity and harvest, in addition you know how to keep fruit coming once harvested>>>all the initial hard work can recycle on itself for a lifetime of harvesting>>>

...Slow and steady wins the race and Inselman coaching prepared me in a customized way to get back in the race and more importantly to do it with laser beam precision>>>

!  Thanks Coach ! 

Warmly, Joe  

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Hi Dr Paul,
Here's the percentage comparison of my 2013 vs 2014 stats.  

Services: increased 30%
Income: increased 29%
PT visits: increased 18%
PVA: increased 20%
Massage visits: increased 48%

New PTs: decreased 2%
Days worked: decreased 5%

Overall on paper looks like a pretty solid year of growth.  Now that the financials are coming together 2015 will be exponential.  Thank you for the guidance.  

Dr. Scott


= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Dear Dr. Paul,
I am a skeptic no more! I have been coached by just about every coach out there. Everyone promises the moon but fails to deliver. Not You! You said you give 24/7 service...yeah right I thought, until I had an emergency and called you at 11:30PM on Saturday night.

I couldn't believe it, YOU PERSONALLY ANSWERED THE PHONE!! We spoke for about 20 minutes and you helped me greatly. When I asked you what I owed you, you sounded puzzled and said nothing, it's part of the service. WOW!

Thank you for actually walking your talk!! Thank you for all you do for my family and for me. PS: Another record month 23 New patients, 512 Office visits and $43,650 in collections up from $19,000 10 months ago. I BELIEVE!!!! Thanks again Paul.

Dr. Adam, Florida

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Hi Dr. Paul,
I'm so excited for Dr Pat to be back on track with you. We're in/coming into a phase of life where he is starting to feel "stagnant". This is what the rest of us would call stable. The house is good, the marriage is good, the kid is good, practice is doing pretty well (can always do better :) of course). We've recently begun a crossfit regimen, and are always working on eating better. He's been dealing with some anxiety and feeling like he always needs to be working, leading to not restful weekends or much family time. I really feel that he's come a long way since we've started with you (nearly 2 years ago!) I'm excited to see what growth he has and where it is going to take our practice. Thank you so much for all you do.


= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Thanks a lot. Today's session was unbelievably thorough, I'm very impressed. I can see where this coaching dynamic can be of great service to me. I appreciate your honesty and insight. I can say I made a mistake by not choosing you as my coach in the beginning. I will take your coaching and implement every step you tell me. You know business and you know people. Thanks I look forward to Monday's call. .

Dr. P, FL

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Hi Paul,
I know November is the month of being thankful but I figure its never to late! I just wanted to say thank you for your coaching. Its so easy to become emerged or submerged in life and forget all the important stuff. I really do appreciate your time and willingness to work with me. I know I am stubborn and opinionated. I have lots of books and tapes on everything we are working on but those too get pushed aside. You present stuff in such a way it really motivates me and excites me to delve into the good stuff. I know that you are aware you are good at what you do but its always nice to hear it from others and its always nice to be able to express it as well!
Sincerely, Jackie

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Hey Paul,
I will actively seek out people who could benefit from your services. To be honest, until recently, I was embarrassed to tell people I have a coach, thinking I should know it all on my own. But I now realize that way of thinking is ridiculous. Looking back, if I had a coach when I started, I would have made WAY fewer mistakes along the way! I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason though, so no regrets, but I won't be going back to doing things on my own from now on.
Thanks Again, Aaron J

Hi Paul,
I wanted to let you know how much it meant to me that you offered that I could have extra time to practice my spinal screening talk with you last week. I wanted to let you know that I thought that the screening went well. I had 10 people come over to my table and 5 set up appointments to come in for a free examination. A few others expressed an interest in coming in, but did not set up appointments, so I will follow up with them. Also, I know that I just sent over my stats to you tonight, but I had figured them out last week. I ended up finishing stronger as far as patient visits for last month than I had originally expected. I also brought in enough to pay your fee AND I hit my money goal and put extra into my SEP! So, really, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Sincerely, Shary,

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