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About Inselman Coaching

You are a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Medical Doctor, Osteopath, Acupuncturist, or other health care professional who wants to become a top performer in their field. I am an experienced, results-oriented coach and consultant who teaches clients that clear goal setting, modern procedures and strategic-based marketing are the keys to their success.

The majority of clients that we work with are looking to improve upon the following areas:

  1. They want to have more than 10 ways working right now to get new patients.
  2. Before they deploy even a single tactic (such as an ad, trade show, sales call, email, direct mail, etc.), they want to be able to think through the ultimate goal in the mind of the buyer.
  3. They want to learn how to maximize each tactic so that each one achieves at least six strategic objectives.
  4. They want to preempt their competition every time so they are nearly powerless, even when offering a lower price.
  5. They want to be able to have their company run without them so they can have more free time.
  6. They want to spend time working ON their business instead of IN it, resulting in a constant effort to increase profits at every turn.
  7. They want to perfect their "arena pitch" so they know exactly what they would say if they could get in front of all their potential buyers at once.
  8. They want to have several brilliant and well-planned strategies that constantly get you them the "best buyers" that their market has to offer. This makes my client enormously successful.

Our Coaches

Dr. Paul S. Inselman
This economy demands that you limit mistakes and capture market share. Nobody understands that better than me. With over 30 years of business experience I have helped hundreds of health care professionals like you understand how to capture market share, expand sales, train staff, and become organized. Above all, results are the only things that matter. From 2008-2014 my clients saw an average growth rate of...read more

Dr. Matthew Harris
Our clients have the opportunity to really benefit from working with Matt. Not only has he achieved high levels of success and received many personal and professional accolades for his accomplishments during his first 15 years of practice; but, he has also faced many set-backs and challenges that have ranged from staff theft, insurance audits, bad investments and severe local economic downturns...read more

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