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Information & Consultations


Why Choose Us

We understand that different practices require different tools. That is why no two clients are coached the same way.

We understand that a practitioner who is practicing 20+ years either has hit their stride and is looking to establish more CEO responsibilities and less direct patient contact; or they are frustrated because they never achieved the pinnacle of success that they envisioned for their lives.

We understand that a practitioner who is practicing 5-10 years has probably seen his or her practice massively change in the last few years. Now, they are having a tough time making the "old tried and true" methods work, but they don't know how to create or implement fresh ideas.

We understand the roller coaster practice. We understand the stress it causes, and the methods to make it stop once and for all.

We understand the fears, trepidations and excitement that a new practitioner experiences. We know how to either open a new office from scratch or how to negotiate the most competitive associate contract to fulfill the new practitioners needs.

We understand the needs of the practitioner who is financially struggling and on the verge of closing their doors. We know how to organize, motivate and create the hope and anticipation that they require, not only to survive but to thrive.

We understand how to achieve results and we guarantee it!

Our UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

  • Over 26 years of clinical experience
  • Coaching practitioners since 2004
  • Proprietary methods created on a $2.5 million dollar learning curve
  • 100% custom coaching
  • 100% money back guarantee on each and every coaching call
  • No contracts (start and stop when you like)
  • From 2008-2013 our clients are up an average of 145%
  • All methods were formulated in this economy
  • We don't live in an ivory tower, we still see patients so we hear the same objections that you do and create systems in this economy
  • Teach and utilize strategic-based marketing strategies
  • Teach you how to run a business not just a practice
  • Accessible 24/7 365 days per year
  • We only accept a certain number of clients at one time so we can deliver the consistent, 24/7 client service that we are known for
  • Access to panel of experts in accounting, law, finance, investing, marketing
  • Expert in communication, leadership and personality typing
  • Easy to talk to, non-judgmental
  • Fun and entertaining style
  • We deeply care about your success
  • Results oriented

Results above all

We are about helping you achieve consistent results based on honest and ethical strategies. We teach you how to utilize the human touch and couple that with proper business techniques to create a lean, mean, profitable machine. If we do not obtain the desired results, in the prescribed about of time we cease the relationship because we will not allow you to spend money without getting a return on investment. This puts the ownness on us to help our client grow and achieve their desired goals. From 2008-2013 our client's practices grew an average of 145%.

To learn more about us and our services, call: 888-201-0567

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